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Friday, December 31, 1999

Meta Project Appeals

-wherever appropriate, eg among pairings of Gravity200 networks, I will increasingly be sending out inquiries to both networks as tow hether even more of the 30000 projects will evolve by connecting their cataloguing power rather than networking away separately

Example: This invitation issued 26 December 2005 inquires whether the social and conflict resoultion projects rehearsed by 2 networks could multiply each other's propagation for the good of humanity. It is also timely in view of the lesson that Queen Elisabeth asks Britons to ponder in her annual Christmas speech The two commnuitites we are asking to collaborate are: and Open Space - see eg the listserve of 1000 alumni at

Dear Harrison cc Open Space List
I am wondering if we can find a few people who will make 120 dollar pledges for Theresa Williams Catalytic Communities initiative at A deep community project based in Rio De Janeiro, with potential impact replicating societal projects worldwide and linked through the Washington DC region where Theresa was brought up and her parents live
Why could Open Space people be particularly interested?

...AS well as working as the local hub and community meeting place for people who are have grassroots community-up innovations to space, catcomm has developed the virtual infrastructure to catalogue collaboration projects from any society that are ready to be replicated across orther societies facing the same challenge. I have always thought that quite a large number of open space activations are missing the trick of replicating what one community learns across other facing similar challenges. To achieve this perhaps one of the deeper dynamics needed is to review those open spaces that their facilitation clients want worldwide propagation for from several lenses. Conflict resolving initiatives of most interest to people in S America may have a different pattern from those that interest social chnage agents in USA and so on. WE can only see the practical patterns of this by iteratively championing local translations of social bariiers as well as cataloguing stories form all around the world of open space. Perhaps one day we could dream that every media organisation had an open space correspondent as well as the 50 less interesting to me correspondents that most newspapers or tv stations field.
I feel there is a multiplicative bridge between catcomm and open space but perhaps we will only discover all the practical ways of making the most of catcomm and oopen space worlds if a few people take out a pledge and then start cataloguing which of the open spaces they know of also want to be replicated to any community facing a similar conflict barrier.

If you read this in 2005 and have questions please feel free to ask them of me and Theresa. A fulfilling 2006 to all of us.

Back in London Queen Elisabeth has turned into a social activist. In her annual Christmas message she asked every Briton to debate whether the evidence of 2005 is that "humanity is turning against itself" and if they conclude so: to adopt one way of intervening in 2006. Sounds like catalytic community project hosts and open space agents will have a very demanding year.

cheers chris macrae

Thursday, December 30, 1999

Catalytic Communities suggests these solution spaces

The Scarman Trust`s UK solutions
Ashoka Innovators for the Public
Bioneers - visionary and practical solutions for restoring the Earth
Cities Alliance - Cities Without Slums
Community Resource Exchange
Community Resource Group helping communities in the southern USA
Development Marketplace of ideas, talent and resources that address development challenges
Enersol Associates apply solar energy in rural areas - for computers & more
EPA Community-Based Approaches
The Global Ideas Bank
Habitat for Humanity International
The Honey Bee Network
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
MegaCities Project solutions for megacities
Network WorldWide Projects
New Rules Project - build community by supporting humanly scaled politics and economics
Self-help tools by Hearts & Minds
The Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities
The Stories Exchange Project
Sustainable Development in the Knowledge Era: Project Knowledge Base
Sustainable Development Principles Database (IISD)
We the Peoples; the story of 50 communities (IISD)
Global Giving
Care2 gets you connected to environmental nonprofits and eco-oriented corporations
Best Practices on ContentBank
Open Knowledge Network
Knowledgeplex: The professional resource for affordable housing and community development.
Bellanet - Supporting Collaboration in the Development Community
UNESCO´s MOST Best Practices Database featuring indigenous knowledge and human settlements
WorldChanging - innovative blog site with positive tools & solutions to change the world
World Movement for Democracy´s Participants Database
Green Century Institute´s Sustainable Solutions Database
Celebrating Solutions´ database of innovative solutions
Honey Bee Network Database
Youth Policy Action Center database of organizations, issues, and officials. Take action!
Contemporary Africa Database
Stockholm Challenge Project Database
Networks for social change
Network of Democracy Research Institutes
European Youth Forum
PlaNetwork "link-tank" for cyber greens
World Forum of Civil Society Networks
Knowledge Networks (IISD)
NetAid: A growing network of people and organizations committed to ending extreme poverty
New Civilization Network - linking the people who change the world
Czech Forum 2000: Bridging Global Gaps
Znet - a community of people committed to social change
CBNRM Net - The Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network
Indigenous Environmental Network
Aid Workers Network: Don´t reinvent the wheel in aid work
Shack/Slum Dwellers International is a loose network of people´s organisations
TINCAN - The Inland Northwest Community Access Network (Spokane, WA, USA)
Sustainable Communities Network
San Francisco Women`s Environmental Network
WANGO - World Association of NGOs
Alliance of Artists Communities: Supporting & advocating for artists
Omidyar Network: An online community of individuals making a difference
South Asia Regional Network for Prevention of Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS
World Movement for Democracy
Habitat Jam - the largest public consultation ever held on urban sustainability