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Monday, January 31, 2000

Gravity 200 - catalogue of 200 collaboration networks for humanity

This section is under reconstruction after a google meltdown on 9 Dec 2005, that impacted over 100 blogs of our co-editors

email if you need more detail than currently posted or if you have a nomination of a network we should consider featuring in gravity 200

G1 Meta-networks
G1.1 Global Reconciliation Network The people's ethical professions led by medical experts and youth, connecting over 200 Global Charities, Nobel peace Laureates and other powers for good. If you have a connection that is directly relevant for GRN to colaborate on, we will relay your mail through to GRN's founder in Australia. We've attended 2 of the alst 4 annual get-togethers (Delhi 2004, London 2003). Next is Palestine-Israel 2006; most recent Sarajevo 2005

G1.2A Facilitators of Macro Conflict Resolution -largest practitioners network - Open Space (facilitators in 70 countries) 1 2 3 4
G1.2B Conflict Resolution - Deepest Facilitators network - Deep Democracy
G1.2C Community Up Conflict Resolution -alumni networks of Gandhi, -we're looking to help connect any group going to the Gandhi centenary in Ahmedabad
G1.2D S.Africa avpinternational

G2 Societal & Corporate Missions for a Better World
G2.1 Tomorrows Global Company
G2.2 Royal Society of Arts ... cafes
G2.3 Preneurial Revolution Nets - eg Organisational Democracy in DC specialises in Intrapreneur (service economy cases); Ashoka the leading network for social entrepreneurs (whose initiatives including are even more critical world entrepreneur today than the original catalysts of entrepreneurial movements around 1800)

G3 The People's...
G3.1 The People's Politics -SIMPOL
G3.1.1 Lucknow (world's largest Montessori school) hosting of world gatheringsand convergence of The Global Partnership for World Democracy - see also some details this blog is collating
G3.2 Youth world's - takingitglobal & GloYo
G3.3 The Women's
G3.4 Southern Hubs - Catcomm
G3.5 GivingGlobal
G3.6 The People's Water - under constructiom
G3,7 The People's Photosynthesis - sunshine's aboundant clean energy by architects
G3.8 The People's schools has many epicentres - biggest real example Lucknow, see also OSR

G4 We find Omidyar community the simplest gateway to what projects Microfinance/Microfranchising can do - also see our blog catalogue

These are projects with (the founders of ebay and the conversations they have hosted on the web have funded:

2005 Community Favorites
Wired for Sudan
WE Center Uganda
Kids in Cans
Catalytic Communities (CatComm)
Partners for Others
Global Peace Tiles Project
Shipping Supplies to Phuket Preschool
Amnesty International
International Crisis Group
Invisible Children
2004 Community Favorites
Grassroot Soccer
Mozilla Foundation
Roundabout Outdoor
World on Fire Video by Sarah McLachlan.
Action Aid
Carolina for Kibera
Comic Relief UK
Dorcas Aid America
Engineers Without Borders Canada
Film Aid International
Heifer International
Help the Aged
Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG)
War Child

G5 The Space Races -just like the 1960s race to the mon begot far more inventins than any other leadership challenge of the decade, the 200s needs its speace challenges from which we can track projects. Surprisingly the Gathering Storm encouraged bush to launch 2 space races in the state of the Union speec 2006: end addiction to petroleum economics and make learbing science as popular as sports among youth - more on this emerging story here

----------------practice nets partially founded by your co-editors
G6.1 Blog Media - Club of City
G6.2 Branding Chartered - for organisation-wide reality and goodwill multiplied
G6.3 valuetrue: Valuation and goverance of transparency, sustainability exponetials, and service economy trust-flows
G6.4 Future History Storytelling & Mapping since 1984- DoD syndicated monthly
G6.5 Sustainability Investment Net - aSIN
G6.6 People for Public Broadcasting
we also need to debate and emerge "concept networks"

what might these be?

For example, there are about 10 well endowed (mulitibillion dollar) hi-tech philanthropists' foundations. Does even one of them enable a concept virtual community where a thousand or so people could debate ideas and if one best contender got produced a year, the foundation would find some small way of testing it out.

we know of many cultural creatives (young at heart in any city we visit who want to change the world's humanity on at least one issue that seems to make common snse as well as provide a bridge to multicultural harmony and ending terror); however if you ask yourself the question, what list of 20 attributes help measure whether a city supports or pollutes the atempts of young creatives to activate such good work for humanity:
where is the listing being commonly debated? if you do have a listing, do you know of one city anywhere whose system supports more of the attributes than it destroys. We don't but our correspondents are looking through 100 cities,-why not join in such a colaboration survey or suggest some young people do?

3 what could concept network 3 be?

Sunday, January 30, 2000

meta-networkers' exercise 1

With the 1984 deadline of 2010 running out for completion of project30000 and identification of the 200 networks with the most collaborative gravities for making poverty history, we need simple to play intercizens exercise. Here's an example. Please share yours with us

The Cooperation runs a 60 minutes circle/cafe having invited participants from every concern network we can find in a city

Its free to participate in but everyone is asked to agree what change network they love being in most, and whether they will happily be a guide round the network for anyone at the meeting who wants to connect. So we get grid pages like the one above (click to enlarge). Then we note how many times the same networks come up from one club of city to another as well as collect feedback on how well people feel the network spends their volunteer time, what's its unique competence is, how it interfaces with other nets... and so on

Saturday, January 01, 2000

Why the connections between humanity networks always matter more to me than the networks themselves however messy this may make cataloguing of gravity 200

It was probably in 2000 that I first doscovered the experience of open space. Invite people - however many, however conflicted - around one purpose to be with each other for 3 days and 2 nights; and whatever the challenge you wil;l make simultaneous progress in which everyone can participate to their hearts delights and knowl everyone else is watching over them. I thought I still do feel , you haven't lived if you haven't experienced this method once. Every scholling should try it.

And I also though that method and its 10000 alumni networks - now 25 years young, 100 countries, 50000 three-day context events - might suffice to spin 30000 projevcts through peoples of the world. In this I erred. For example whilst open space may be at the centre of every inquiry into what humanity means in particular communities, it need opther conflict resolving and relentless human trusting approaches to sustain both projects through time and the cataloguing of them. Some of the methods and networks I have since discovered that ssytemically interface with open space - and no true system method works without collaborating with other system methods and open networks are:
Deep Democracy
Every truly practicing practice of Gandhi, and all other approaches that co-create circles of being - eg the Quakers
Global Reconciliation's listening loops involving the hig and the mighty with the deepest in a community's grassroots; involving the most expensive professions like doctors with the most undervalued heroines like Theresas

You may get the picture- the more you love one network for humanity, the more you also need to ask what other networks are worthy of so much human time and passion; and how do we travel across their borders and multiply their goodwill impacts for all