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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Part of the charter agreed at Lucknow Dec 2005 by the network of
Global Partnership World Democracy

Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to regenerate a quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.
-- Participants of the Global Symposium, 13 December 2005, Lucknow, India
Our World is divided and conflict-torn, socially and ecologically unsustainable. We cannot remain as we are, nor can we go back to the conditions of the past. We can only move forward, but not on the same path we have been following till now. We need to find a new direction for our individual and collective future in individual and collective interest. Finding a new path is a major challenge, but it can be met.
The Global Symposium therefore aims to meet these challenges and its main objectives are to:
foster personal interaction, understanding and action for a strong foundation of a nuclear-free, democratic, sustainable, just and peaceful world order by bringing together Nobel Laureates, youth working towards world unity & world peace, international institutions, civil society organizations, and global and local leaders.
create a widespread awareness about issues like scarcity of safe drinking water, reform of governmental and corporate structures, more equitable distribution of resources, development of renewable energy programs and encourage dialogue to replace international conflict for achieving a breakthrough towards a sustainable future.
assemble the innovative ideas and creative experiences of non-governmental and international organizations and all sectors of civil society and articulate a vision for the future that recognizes the fundamental interdependence of humanity and suggests ways to move forward towards a New World Order.
draft a joint declaration approved unanimously (or by majority) in order to create a guideline for a joint action plan. The various teams in the Symposium will work together to draft a declaration to save the Future of the Earth, the Future of the Humanity and the Future of Oneself (individuals).
act on all these suggestions above and constitute a BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team. BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team will be constituted as a group of active youth thinkers who will come together at Global Symposium in December 2005 and through joint effort, coordination and networking will endeavour to awaken planetary consciousness for a New World Order.
The Global Symposium is an ongoing project that aims to develop global partnership with youth and civil society organizations to establish sustainable development, world unity and peace. The various teams in the Symposium worked together to draft a declaration and work on an action plan to save the Future of the Earth, Humanity and the Future of Oneself.
Moving towards New World Order:
1) The 2005 Global Symposium resulted in a draft declaration to create a joint action plan for establishing Breakthrough 2007 team and 15 Regional Chapters that will develop Regional Partnership Agenda (RPA) identifying regional threats and challenges to be met. This draft declaration is being circulated to the partners of GPWD for their inputs.
2) In 2006, we aim to establish 15 Regional Chapters worldwide that will work upon the Regional Partnership Agenda (RPA) and will organize Conferences during 2006-2007 across the globe. A reference document will be drawn on the conceptual and methodological basis from the standpoint of civil society. This reference document will be known as the Global Partnership Agenda (GPA), which will evolve during the regional conferences to address regional and global problems, their solutions and action plan. We are inviting proposal from organizations to serve as Regional initiators in the following 15 regions of the world, namely: 1) Eastern & Central Africa, 2) Southern Africa, 3) West Africa, 4) Latin America & the Caribbean, 5) North America, 6) South Asia, 7) The Pacific, 8) Southeast Asia, 9) Northeast Asia, 10) Central Asia, 11) Middle East and North Africa, 12) Western Commonwealth of Independent States, 13) The Caucasus, 14) The Balkans, 15) Northern and Western Europe
3) The Regional Conferences will conclude with a Global Conference resulting in wide acceptance of the Global Partnership Agenda. A Global Action Plan (GAP) will be drawn based on the Global Partnership Agenda and will be presented to the UN Secretary General and all Heads of State & Government with a petition to convene a Global Meeting.
4) A Global Meeting based on Article 109 of the UN Charter at United Nations Headquarters will further result in commitments from civil society organizations to get the GAP endorsed and acted upon by all Governments, Corporate bodies, civil societies and individuals. We aim to hold this meeting sometime from January and March 2008.
To achieve a sustainable future, we need a new way of thinking that can make a difference. The shape of tomorrow will be decided by how we think today. BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team has been constituted as a group of active youthful thinkers who came together at Global Symposium in December 2005 and through joint effort, coordination and networking will endeavor to awaken planetary consciousness for a New World Order by December 2007. Those who couldn't join the Breakthrough 2007 earlier, may still do so by registering themselves at
The Breakthrough 2007 team will keep expanding in terms of numbers as well as space around the world so as to awaken the planetary consciousness involving all sections of the society to build global public opinion as well as global action for a united, peaceful and just world order.


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