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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Social Entrepreneur Half Year Report

I have been spending a lot of time getting to understand how integrate the deepest social entrepreneur networks, a lot of the background checking I do at social-entrepreneur

Primary News for this semi-annual SE report to project30000

The model is sound with the way it is building up mosaics of experience based on at least 100 social entrpreneurs who share the same application area and have met over the 28 years that the meta-network ashoka has been connecting them - it will be a world uniter one day; look at the judges for the health for all project round that took place march to may (and NB almost another 150 projects for the 30000 bank!)

Some of the to and fro questions I have for ashoka in matching networks I know about and those they know about are here

I realise that a lot of social entrepreneur effort has been put into ensuring the grassroots up flow of projects needs unlike the trafditional western global NGO that is still organsied around what administrators in rich countries plan, fund etc. However recent;y Ashoka has recognised there's a gap that yopung people everywhere want to fill and this means developing youthventure hubs in west as well as east, north as well as south. This requires an integration atlas all of its own

I still dont quite understand how one makes a nomination for people or arenas that desperately need to be included in SE, and more generally what sort of collaboratuve work all clubofcity web-loggers can do in helping to integrate the world atlases of SE

In a bit more detail, rehearsing my questioning on this: (ideas welcome )

Why don't we map where the theatres and gravitational pursuits of social entrpreneur champions can be experienced?

example leaders quest visits these coordinates

Atlas dimensions:
geo coordinate
arena of humanitarian olympics played in or celebrated
avialability of franchise to openly replicated among h-trust collaboration agents or to communities with critical needs profiles

Please do add a comment if you know of others who are exploring this atlas or making one of its coodinates sustainable


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