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Sunday, December 31, 2006

What ideas for collecting and linking projects can we develop?

Club of City correspondents will keep an eye open from each city - this will also give us a chance to classify by application countries - eg see Pakistan's emerging forum on this

Since 1984 all journalists of Future History A B C believe : we still need a reality tv show to scale the globe's interest in sustainability! A sports olympics in 2012, not for Londoners (with Britain owing the world's largest world service public broadcaster) without seeing the finish line of extreme poverty's marrathon resolution all over the world. Come on BBC, come on DD, come on google - just let's do it.

It looks like major collection centres open for Project 30000 such as those given pride of place and monitoring in this weblog will catalyse up to 1000 projects each by 2010!

Please mail me at with more spaces


Blogger Mr. Luna said...

Hi, maybe you'd like to check out "Mr. Luna's Bright Idea" to help stop global wamring at
Thanks so much- ken

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