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Thursday, August 06, 2009

This blog's bi-annual edit is under way- we hope to have it ready in time for youth ambassador 5000 - a search for 5000 undergraduates and their mentors of 09/10 that most wants to connect round Bangladesh micro methods -this is the blog by our bbc friend polar-solar explorer paul rose who participated at dr yunus 69th birthsay dialogue moderated in Dhaka by future capitalism's sofia B

we now believe that 3 epicentres can multiply each other's open source solutions of community sustaining projects as well as worldwide connectors of the human race to end poverty n

we will aim to catalogue around 7 micro gravities
energy including clean water/food
SMBA hi-trust system design,
gov that empoers the people

-if only every schhool child were free to study the lifetime innovations of networkers around Dr Yunus, Fazle Abed and Ingrid Munro, we believe sustainability's exponentials could return to our planet and our species just in time- however 25 years into this journey, it would be foolish to pretend that the net generation has done anything but to lurk the last moment of redemption - let's hope that the class of 09/10 connect what others have failed to do


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