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Monday, December 31, 2012

Yunus & Abed joint number 1 trusted person of erworld,tv

Thanks to open source sponsors : Economist 10: &
Yunus Abed
ask for stories background, sources Q&A

microcredit = number 1 global market sector revolution ; number 1 womens lib movement; number 1 example of sustainability investment n community; number 1 case of peer to peer entrepreneurial training

sustainability of community expoenntial-up strategy:
you can hear me now is number 1 case
of connecting digital divides; achieved by empowering women microentrepreneurs to be telegram offices of previously disconnected vilage - technology shared mobile phone kiosk

of universityofstars of heroines worth youth valuing

yunus 1000+ citizen meetings: number 1 global village annual meeting
forum number 1 way to challenge every global market sector as to whether it has even 1 sustainability investment case

search other top 10 "economists" for human sustainability: Singh, Prahalad
note Yunus is pure Gandhi Satyagraha :


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