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Monday, December 31, 2012

Yunus & Abed joint number 1 trusted person of erworld,tv

Thanks to open source sponsors : Economist 10: &
Yunus Abed
ask for stories background, sources Q&A

microcredit = number 1 global market sector revolution ; number 1 womens lib movement; number 1 example of sustainability investment n community; number 1 case of peer to peer entrepreneurial training

sustainability of community expoenntial-up strategy:
you can hear me now is number 1 case
of connecting digital divides; achieved by empowering women microentrepreneurs to be telegram offices of previously disconnected vilage - technology shared mobile phone kiosk

of universityofstars of heroines worth youth valuing

yunus 1000+ citizen meetings: number 1 global village annual meeting
forum number 1 way to challenge every global market sector as to whether it has even 1 sustainability investment case

search other top 10 "economists" for human sustainability: Singh, Prahalad
note Yunus is pure Gandhi Satyagraha :

Friday, November 30, 2012

Mandela 2 of up200 1 of top 10 educators

Thanks to Education Sponsors &

Mandela & Obama voted joint number 3

notable Mandela links

notable inspirations: 3 of educators top 10 Taddy Blecher (supported inter alia by Branson #2 of CEOs valuing humanity top 10, Oprah Winfree a mass media cheerleader for Africa & women)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This blog's bi-annual edit is under way- we hope to have it ready in time for youth ambassador 5000 - a search for 5000 undergraduates and their mentors of 09/10 that most wants to connect round Bangladesh micro methods -this is the blog by our bbc friend polar-solar explorer paul rose who participated at dr yunus 69th birthsay dialogue moderated in Dhaka by future capitalism's sofia B

we now believe that 3 epicentres can multiply each other's open source solutions of community sustaining projects as well as worldwide connectors of the human race to end poverty n

we will aim to catalogue around 7 micro gravities
energy including clean water/food
SMBA hi-trust system design,
gov that empoers the people

-if only every schhool child were free to study the lifetime innovations of networkers around Dr Yunus, Fazle Abed and Ingrid Munro, we believe sustainability's exponentials could return to our planet and our species just in time- however 25 years into this journey, it would be foolish to pretend that the net generation has done anything but to lurk the last moment of redemption - let's hope that the class of 09/10 connect what others have failed to do

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Manmohan Singh 3/up200 1/top 10 national leaders 2/top 10 economists

Alumni of the cambridge postgraduates of the 1950s tutored in the most amazing economics cases of first half of ecntury 20 including Keynsian end to profession and EU end to west eurpoe warring

Himself a brave survivor of Pakistan-India refugees and mapmaker of why nations should never comepound underclasses within or across their boudaries. Exponetial up architect of India in 1990s

Leading supporter of urgent need for revolution in economics; headhnted Sir Nicholas Stern (3 of Economist top 10) to concentrate on India's grassroots empowerment economics and whole truth sustainability investments

Key benchmark of facebook club

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog year2008 in october is about ending poverty so we hope this week's syndication to 100 blogs will exponentialise to tens of thousands of blogs by then, with a little help from friends like you

sustainability club

social business club

collaboration cafe

yunus 10000 collaboration coordinators for youth dialogues in that city and between cities together with invitations to action specific to each video good news story - eg if you want microcredit to beat off big banks why not help any school try out micro credit with the world's simplest program small change, big changes - a microloanfoundation franchise

Peers across hemispheres and I are far more interested in ensuring that each of these intercity movements vetoes any uses of 20th c failing system methods that the majority of club coordinators -or where elected an honorary board - vote against, than prescribing revenue models.

Obviously we should want coordinators to make a living out of work input whlst at the same time recognising that being a club coordinator is probably worth more than having many a professional qualification - or needs to become so if this world is to be sustainable. Equally where profits are repeatedly generated I assume we can find a way iof agreeing some sliding scale that should be contributed either to your favourite grassroots organsiation in bangladesh or to a small list of other potential grassroots partners of future capitalism which should probably need at least 75 of members refendum to confirm

I am very happy if people will negotiate what other rules they would need to want to participate as well as to clarify where they want diferent contant at the mother webs. The main web system I use costs $35 a year per web so its not difficult to imagine that major cties will also want to set up their own branch web or of course a free blog - either of which we will happily linmk from the top of the mother web.

Obviously some of our constitution needs double checking with for example the 100000 bangladeshi's and other Gandhians who are the main practical exemplar of the values we seek to network worldwide so that the future sustains 7 billion brilliant jobs and goodwill multiplying across all women, children and even men.

We wish to learn from each city's most successful ways of mobilising and cross-cultural celebration, as well as metods for ensuring that any action network actually reaches to those in most desperate need of its service. This is one of the big lessons of bangladeshi experience -reiterated by every micro-system designer in bangladesh we have interviewed - once a networks starts empowering the entrepreneur inside it will never get deeper than the deepest needsholders it begins with. This is a lesson that many global NGOs seem never to have begun to grade.

chris macrae
washington dc inquiries desk usa 301 881 1655
y10000 at facebook

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dr Yunus of Grameen and microcredit and Nobel peace 2006 is setting cities and citiens around the world an interesting challenge. If he is passing through your city would you be able to find 1000 people who all wanted to collaborate with each other as well as him in empowering a good global world instead of the bad one currently compoundingSynonyms for good are win-win-win, sustainable, empowering every community up, one where hi-trust people transparently win over low-trustSo 2 questions:if Yunus was passing through Africa cities, which do you think would produce the most collaborative impactsif you are a twin national - eg living in a rich city but with family roots back in Africa - how ready is your big rich city to represent Africa interests when Yunus hosts his Forum 1000 there.My friends are particularly working on London and New York as 2 test cities; partly because a London University student spent the summer interning in Dhaka on this project. One intercity collaboration idea is collaboration cafe - see those we have already hosted and tell us at if you want to replay one in your city or virtually

Another collaboration idea is can we produce a good global idea to heroes, their projects and networks for humanity. Why do people all over the world know the top 10 sporstmen for 50 different sports but not top 10s for different vital issues of human sustainability?

But the best truth about collaboration knowledge cities in the 5 years that I have been searching the peoples and communities that weave them is that if any city does a great job in turning round a beter Global with Yunus we can all learn from what it did and work out how to invite the 1000 most relevant citizens when Yunus passes your way.

Monday, January 01, 2007

a simple question fast burn people forget to ask

How do we classify thematic project areas of humanitarian endeavour? Am I correct in assuming there is no standard of the same sort that industry statistics are broken down into several hundred sectors and perhaps 30 mega-groupings? If so, can the development of the project30000 catalogue offer an independent bonus?: permitting any worldwide concern network to crosscheck how its project applications areas mix and match with another network's development foci.?

Where would we look to see which project application areas subnetworks are convening around. Ashoka now has about 15 identified group interests which its 2000 social entrepreneurs identify with one or more of. You can start to see what that list is at . Its not complete but if it interested enough people here, I am confident I could get Ashoka to tell us what they have so far identified. As well as effectively cataloguing theory 2000 entrepreneurs by application interest, knowledge of how grassroots up sustainability in any particular context application area involves different intelligences than those who have only mapped how do you do eg health from top-down's standard ways of classifying is being developed and at this is shared wherever you come across the keyword mosaic.
The smart commons mosaic for water is a particular favourite of mine but perhaps because a few years ago some of us came up with the pair of questions: is there an atlas of the world with red spots wherever there are water problems and how many different legend codes would be needed to catalogue every type of redspot problem. Although water could be taught as the mother of all geographic systems, we find no evidence that such a map exists in a simple way to navigate round, and we find too many top down experts have different vocabularies which to the layman overlap but which the experts seem unable to transparently translate into profiling what project is first needed where.

WE might ask who's classifications could be useful and whether anyone is doing it as an open atlas representing that humanitarian approach to change the world

-are microfinanciers working towards an agreed project classification listings
-are the largest philanthropies from GatesF down 1
-do open space and conflict resolution facilitators have a checklist of what project areas recur as most prominent t in the practice of peace
-how do mosaic applications areas get listed by any change the world method you may find most convincing to advocate that civil society knows of
-how does this match with the way the world social forum classifies its members activity foci
-globalisation's exponential risk profiles : if we listed the 25 biggest global market sectors and each one's most risky externality or potential loss of sustainability, how would we map the solution project themes people will need to unite round if we are not to go past extinction’s tipping point on one inconvenient truth or another?

think of the 2 biggest networks or virtual communities you feel a part of; can you top 10 their members' actual project activity areas; if you or we could , would that be one way forward in getting humanitarian networks to better understand mutually advantageous collaboration areas

does our classification list match with what future historians and entreprenurial revolutionaries monitor as being the greatest innovation opportunities and risks of being in that first generation to try to trasform to the higher order (cross-cultural) system, as we boldly go from local to global in every choice of relationship connection we trust to maing?

Sunday, December 31, 2006

What ideas for collecting and linking projects can we develop?

Club of City correspondents will keep an eye open from each city - this will also give us a chance to classify by application countries - eg see Pakistan's emerging forum on this

Since 1984 all journalists of Future History A B C believe : we still need a reality tv show to scale the globe's interest in sustainability! A sports olympics in 2012, not for Londoners (with Britain owing the world's largest world service public broadcaster) without seeing the finish line of extreme poverty's marrathon resolution all over the world. Come on BBC, come on DD, come on google - just let's do it.

It looks like major collection centres open for Project 30000 such as those given pride of place and monitoring in this weblog will catalyse up to 1000 projects each by 2010!

Please mail me at with more spaces

Friday, October 06, 2006

WE have several new resources: will be covering microfinace projects public service of rhe poorest projects will look at world chnage on issues such as global warmin and schools will be looking at videos on world chnage, particularly those featuring socila entrepreneurs will look at what different regions of the world can most offer to the sustanability crises

Whlst writing I like this project which is a follow up from last years Clinton Global Initiative of Tom Hunter's for agricultural sustainabiloity in Malawi

some of our early analysis of what happened at CGI 2006 can be seen near the bottom of this web-page

Friday, July 07, 2006

Glimmer of Hope has help fund over 300 micro-projects in Ethiopia in application areas such as water, agriculture, education health. It is a Bono partner at One. Ambassador Nagy has also called the foundation the most effective approach to private assistance he had seen during his 23 years in the Foreign Service in Africa.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Social Entrepreneur Half Year Report

I have been spending a lot of time getting to understand how integrate the deepest social entrepreneur networks, a lot of the background checking I do at social-entrepreneur

Primary News for this semi-annual SE report to project30000

The model is sound with the way it is building up mosaics of experience based on at least 100 social entrpreneurs who share the same application area and have met over the 28 years that the meta-network ashoka has been connecting them - it will be a world uniter one day; look at the judges for the health for all project round that took place march to may (and NB almost another 150 projects for the 30000 bank!)

Some of the to and fro questions I have for ashoka in matching networks I know about and those they know about are here

I realise that a lot of social entrepreneur effort has been put into ensuring the grassroots up flow of projects needs unlike the trafditional western global NGO that is still organsied around what administrators in rich countries plan, fund etc. However recent;y Ashoka has recognised there's a gap that yopung people everywhere want to fill and this means developing youthventure hubs in west as well as east, north as well as south. This requires an integration atlas all of its own

I still dont quite understand how one makes a nomination for people or arenas that desperately need to be included in SE, and more generally what sort of collaboratuve work all clubofcity web-loggers can do in helping to integrate the world atlases of SE

In a bit more detail, rehearsing my questioning on this: (ideas welcome )

Why don't we map where the theatres and gravitational pursuits of social entrpreneur champions can be experienced?

example leaders quest visits these coordinates

Atlas dimensions:
geo coordinate
arena of humanitarian olympics played in or celebrated
avialability of franchise to openly replicated among h-trust collaboration agents or to communities with critical needs profiles

Please do add a comment if you know of others who are exploring this atlas or making one of its coodinates sustainable

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Part of the charter agreed at Lucknow Dec 2005 by the network of
Global Partnership World Democracy

Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to regenerate a quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life.
-- Participants of the Global Symposium, 13 December 2005, Lucknow, India
Our World is divided and conflict-torn, socially and ecologically unsustainable. We cannot remain as we are, nor can we go back to the conditions of the past. We can only move forward, but not on the same path we have been following till now. We need to find a new direction for our individual and collective future in individual and collective interest. Finding a new path is a major challenge, but it can be met.
The Global Symposium therefore aims to meet these challenges and its main objectives are to:
foster personal interaction, understanding and action for a strong foundation of a nuclear-free, democratic, sustainable, just and peaceful world order by bringing together Nobel Laureates, youth working towards world unity & world peace, international institutions, civil society organizations, and global and local leaders.
create a widespread awareness about issues like scarcity of safe drinking water, reform of governmental and corporate structures, more equitable distribution of resources, development of renewable energy programs and encourage dialogue to replace international conflict for achieving a breakthrough towards a sustainable future.
assemble the innovative ideas and creative experiences of non-governmental and international organizations and all sectors of civil society and articulate a vision for the future that recognizes the fundamental interdependence of humanity and suggests ways to move forward towards a New World Order.
draft a joint declaration approved unanimously (or by majority) in order to create a guideline for a joint action plan. The various teams in the Symposium will work together to draft a declaration to save the Future of the Earth, the Future of the Humanity and the Future of Oneself (individuals).
act on all these suggestions above and constitute a BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team. BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team will be constituted as a group of active youth thinkers who will come together at Global Symposium in December 2005 and through joint effort, coordination and networking will endeavour to awaken planetary consciousness for a New World Order.
The Global Symposium is an ongoing project that aims to develop global partnership with youth and civil society organizations to establish sustainable development, world unity and peace. The various teams in the Symposium worked together to draft a declaration and work on an action plan to save the Future of the Earth, Humanity and the Future of Oneself.
Moving towards New World Order:
1) The 2005 Global Symposium resulted in a draft declaration to create a joint action plan for establishing Breakthrough 2007 team and 15 Regional Chapters that will develop Regional Partnership Agenda (RPA) identifying regional threats and challenges to be met. This draft declaration is being circulated to the partners of GPWD for their inputs.
2) In 2006, we aim to establish 15 Regional Chapters worldwide that will work upon the Regional Partnership Agenda (RPA) and will organize Conferences during 2006-2007 across the globe. A reference document will be drawn on the conceptual and methodological basis from the standpoint of civil society. This reference document will be known as the Global Partnership Agenda (GPA), which will evolve during the regional conferences to address regional and global problems, their solutions and action plan. We are inviting proposal from organizations to serve as Regional initiators in the following 15 regions of the world, namely: 1) Eastern & Central Africa, 2) Southern Africa, 3) West Africa, 4) Latin America & the Caribbean, 5) North America, 6) South Asia, 7) The Pacific, 8) Southeast Asia, 9) Northeast Asia, 10) Central Asia, 11) Middle East and North Africa, 12) Western Commonwealth of Independent States, 13) The Caucasus, 14) The Balkans, 15) Northern and Western Europe
3) The Regional Conferences will conclude with a Global Conference resulting in wide acceptance of the Global Partnership Agenda. A Global Action Plan (GAP) will be drawn based on the Global Partnership Agenda and will be presented to the UN Secretary General and all Heads of State & Government with a petition to convene a Global Meeting.
4) A Global Meeting based on Article 109 of the UN Charter at United Nations Headquarters will further result in commitments from civil society organizations to get the GAP endorsed and acted upon by all Governments, Corporate bodies, civil societies and individuals. We aim to hold this meeting sometime from January and March 2008.
To achieve a sustainable future, we need a new way of thinking that can make a difference. The shape of tomorrow will be decided by how we think today. BREAKTHROUGH 2007 team has been constituted as a group of active youthful thinkers who came together at Global Symposium in December 2005 and through joint effort, coordination and networking will endeavor to awaken planetary consciousness for a New World Order by December 2007. Those who couldn't join the Breakthrough 2007 earlier, may still do so by registering themselves at
The Breakthrough 2007 team will keep expanding in terms of numbers as well as space around the world so as to awaken the planetary consciousness involving all sections of the society to build global public opinion as well as global action for a united, peaceful and just world order.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

This long section shows you how over a billion dollars was collected at a 3 day networkers event of the Great and Good and what they are focusing on - reports needed from citizens of the world in terms of which of these projects open source for humanity. Let's give Clinton a chance to prove his new vision...I do assume that New York will take a lead role in this especially as I truly cannot describe how much I admire Mary Robinson as the original founder of the Global Initiative Movement there. I was lucky enough to see her kick off Collapsing World in 2003- in my view the most extraodinary network developed by ordinary people until you can link me in to a deeper one. Mary's spent most of her focus on cheerleading grassroots initiatives, so feel free to skip this section if that's what you most want to look for.

Clinton's new vision: In my lifetime now, I am obseessed by only 2 things. I dont want anybody to die before their time. And I dont want to see good people spend their energies without making a difference. You chnage the reality of human history by systemic 1 2 3 action.

Clinton Global Initiatives -Commitments as at Dec 2005:
ACCION International and Unitus: Strategic Alliance Providing Micro-Finance Services to 15 Million of India’s Under-Privileged
ACCION International and Unitus will form a strategic alliance to provide permanent and sustainable microfinance services to 15 million of India’s under-privileged population within the next 10 years, thus serving as catalysts to the creation of a large-scale and profitable microfinance industry in India. Read More
The Africa-America Institute : US-Africa Financial Fellows Exchange Program
US-Africa Financial Fellows Exchange Program, a year-long exchange to enhance the expertise of young bankers from Africa and the United States in the financial, capital markets, corporate finance and economic policy areas. Read More
Ameresco: Multifaceted Climate Change Project: Local, State, Travel and Global Arenas
On a local, state and global level, Ameresco will develop a Multifaceted Climate Change Project. Locally, they will work with 160 ICLEI communities to find options for meeting their sustainability commitments. State governments will be encouraged to adopt policies that encourage state and municipal facilities to reduce energy demand and use. Globally, this project will seek to educate other nations about the benefits of landfill gas utilization. Read More
Apollo Alliance: Building a 5-State Coalition for Clean Energy Jobs
The Apollo Alliance, a partnership between the Center for American Progress and the Campaign for America’s Future will build and support real coalitions for change in California, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin to advance better energy policy during 2006 and beyond. This five-state campaign will build on Apollo’s regional organizing, moving concrete legislation and mobilizing powerful political constituencies toward clean energy policy action. Read More
Daniel S. Abraham: Israeli-Palestinian Peace and Reconciliation
"Insight on Incitement", a project of Queens College, CUNY, will provide research and recommendations to combat the incitement that has plagued Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation. This is the first of several projects supported by Philanthropist Daniel S. Abraham in the area of promoting a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace. Read More
Basic Energy: Wind Power for the Dominican Republic
Basic Energy. Ltd. will build two wind energy power plants totaling 109 megawatts in the Dominican Republic for a total investment of over $130 million. They will provide energy services (electricity) while addressing global warming, reducing 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year: ultimately, to promote development and environmental protection. Read More
BBC World Service Trust Partner Organizations: Internews: The African Media Development Initiative (AMDI)
Over a five-year period, the BBC World Service Trust, in partnership with Internews, Reuters Foundation, Article 19, Media Institute of Southern Africa, PANOS, West African Media Foundation, and Rhodes University School of Journalism will develop the African Media Development Initiative which will seek to increase the resources, duration and scale of media in Africa. Read More
Biodiesel America: Biodiesel for Katrina: Restoration and Climate Mitigation
Biodiesel for Katrina: Restoration and Climate Mitigation, a project sponsored by numerous entities including biodiesel America, will make an initial investment of $50,000 leading up to $1 million in services. They will assist in the immediate recovery of South Louisiana oil producing and fishing towns; provide the first public data and photographs on the 36 oil derricks that are currently damaged and facilitate long term sustainability recovery of the damaged areas. Read More
Catholic Relief Services: Sudan - Education for Peace:
The Sudan – Education for Peace Project promotes peace and development by linking education and peace-building program activities. Over the next two years, Catholic Relief Services commits $996,000 to continue the incorporation of peace and conflict resolution curricula into the Catholic educational system in Bahr el Ghazal and Eastern Equatoria. Read More
Center for American Progress: Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative
The Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative of the Center for American Progress will address the interrelated concerns of AIDS and poverty, as part of its Prophetic Public Policy lecture series for 2006. This lecture series will invite speakers to both lecture and write essays on public policy issues through a faith lens, with a focus on Poverty and AIDS. Read More
Cisco Systems: Matching Contributions to the Acumen Fund
Cisco Systems, Inc. and the Sapling Foundation will match dollar for dollar contributions to Acumen Fund up to a total of $1 million, during the Clinton Global Initiative. The Acumen fund will be used to deliver clean water, health and housing to the poor through investments in innovative, social entrepreneurs. Read More
City Year Partner Organization: Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu and the Louisiana Service Commission: City Year Louisiana
City Year Louisiana, in partnership with Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu and the Louisiana Service Commission, will work together to develop a full-time national service program which will engage young civic leaders in relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Read More
The Clinton Global Initiative: Carbon Neutral Clinton Global Initiative
The Clinton Global Initiative, in conjunction with GreenOrder and Baker & McKenzie, will concretely contribute to mitigation of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through carbon financing renewable energy projects that replace fossil-fuel energy sources. These projects will also assist in alleviating poverty as they were specifically chosen based on the benefits of rural electrification in Nigeria and in Native American land in the U.S. Read More
The Coca-Cola Company: Green Power Purchase Commitment
The Coca-Cola Company, in cooperation with the EPA, Green Strategies and 3 Phases Energy Services, will offset 2% of the electricity consumption of its entire owned and operated manufacturing operations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico with Green-e certified renewable energy certificates from wind energy sources. Read More
Common Ground Productions (Search for Common Ground): Islamic-Western Reconciliation Reality TV
Common Ground Productions (CGP), a division of Search for Common Ground (SFCG), along with VideoCairoSat (Egypt), have committed to take Islamic-Western reconciliation beyond elite circles to broader populations through a TV series to be aired in the Arab world and the US using a popular reality format. Read More
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Project to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has developed the Pennsylvania Project to Reduce Greenhouse Gases, a multiple-initiative project to deploy clean, renewable and efficient energy technologies which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening economic and environmental security. Read More

Dalberg - Global Development Advisors: High-Level Commission on Capacity for Program Delivery
Based on the growing international consensus on key elements of the development agenda and the recent commitment to large increases in resource transfers to the developing world, Dalberg Global Development Advisors has designed, and is in the process of convening a High Level Commission on Capacity for Program Delivery, which aims to systematically address a number of key implementation issues that continue to hamper the ability of the development sector to scale up effective interventions. Read More
Deutsche Bank: Defining New Financial Models for Poverty Alleviation
Deutsche Bank has committed to launching the $75 million Global Microfinance Consortium as a demonstration of a new model of corporate social engagement. The fund will provide financing for MFI’s throughout the developing world while creating a new asset class in which responsible corporations may invest which earns a return while realizing social gains for the world’s poor. Read More
The Dignity Fund Partner Organization: Unitus and others: Micro Credit Lending Facility
The Dignity Fund and Unitus have committed to creating a micro-credit lending facility, placing up to $30 million of debt with leading microfinance organizations around the world to fuel the social empowerment of the poor. The Fund is a pro-bono initiative in which the principals do not take a carried interest or salary from the Fund. Read More
Domini Global Giving Fund Partner Organization: UN Foundation: Domini Global Giving Fund: Healthy Children. Clean Planet. Matched Donation
A partnership between the Domini Foundation and the UN Foundation, the Domini Global Giving Fund, is a donor-advised fund that exclusively supports UN Foundation programs to improve children’s health and protect the world’s natural beauty and precious resources. Read More

Earth Council Foundation : Climate Change and Environment Coalition
Climate Change and Environment Coalition, developed by the Earth Council Foundation, is a global awareness campaign that seeks to multiply the number of CGI pledges to reduce the impact of climate change through prevention and mitigation strategies. Other elements of the campaign include convening an international meeting of NGO leaders and motivating organizations worldwide to be a part of the ongoing efforts of CGI. Read More
Earth Day Network: Global Civic Education Campaign
The Earth Day Network will launch a Global Civic Education program on Climate Change in North America, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East that will mobilize religious and educational institutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their institutions and constituent members through education and civic action. Read More
EMBARQ: Sustainable Transportation Initiative, Brazil
EMBARQ and the municipality of Porto Alegre will equally fund a bus rapid transit system for the city of Porto Alegre. EMBARQ will provide advice and tools for project management, studies and the basic design of the project. This partnership was established to improve the quality and efficiency of public transportation through the adoption of cleaner fuels, technology and the promotion of the use of non-motorized transport. Read More
Energy Future Coalition: Global Development Bonds
The Energy Future Coalition, the United Nations Foundation, Brookings Institute and the Center for American Progress commit to stimulate and facilitate expanded investments in vitally needed infrastructure, such as roads, water, and electricity through Global Development Bonds, thereby generating more and better job and opportunities. Read More

Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East: Engagement with Religious Leaders of Iran
Engagement with Religious Leaders of Iran, due to be launched this year, aims to enable engagement and greater understanding between Iran and the west through a program of inter-religious dialogue and establishment of the Iranian Institute of Peace. The project welcomes additional funds in anticipation of a 2005 launch. Read More

Georgetown Human Rights Institute: Georgetown University Law Center: Human Rights Guarantees in Constitutions of Muslim Countries
Georgetown University Law Center, through its Human Rights Institute, will conduct a study of human rights guarantees in constitutions of predominantly Muslim countries, with a special focus on the treatment of freedom of religion or belief and the ramifications in practice of the status of Islam in constitutional law. Read More
Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS: Healthy Women, Healthy Economies
Healthy Women, Healthy Economies, a program to develop strategies that reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS on women, thus contributing to their economic empowerment by maximizing the full power of the business sector. Read More
Global Exchange (formerly Saudi American Exchange): Global Media Project: Leadership in Development of Global Journalism Code of Ethics Standards
The Global Media Project is a two year initiative of the Global Exchange to develop a international journalism code of ethics standard. The organization seeks $1,000,000 to supplement $200,000 which has been committed by private donors from the Middle East. Read More
Global Fairness Initiative: The Synapse Market Access Fund
The Synapse Market Access Fund, established in 2005 by the Global Fairness Initiative, commits to address the problem of global poverty by operating on the cutting edge of philanthropy, applying investment strategies to charitable giving, identifying organizations with viable business models and innovative approaches to opening new markets and cultivating opportunities for products of grassroots producer. Read More
Global Green USA: Hollywood Climate Action Initiative for Communities
Hollywood Climate Action Initiative for Communities will utilize celebrity spokespeople and activist to generate media attention for its objectives. This initiative crystallized through a partnership with Starbucks ($75,000 per year for two years and two New York Times ads) to develop and advance climate change via strategic corporate partnerships, foundation funding and advocacy. Read More
Global Institute for Tomorrow: GIFT Young Leaders Program
The GIFT Young Leaders Program is a climate change young leadership program in Asia to promote ways in which practical frameworks for sustainable development and interdependence can be demonstrated. This will be done by bringing young business leaders and policy makers together in Asia to agree on such challenges of climate change as promoting renewable energy, forestry and conservation, and stimulating technical innovation. Read More
Goldman Sachs: Land Conservation and Environmental Markets in Chile
Goldman Sachs pledges $10 million to preserve in perpetuity 680,000 acres in Tierra del Fuego, Chile that they gave to the Wildlife Conservation Society in trust for the people of Chile. Additionally, this land conservation project will promote greater stewardship of the environment by adopting an environmental framework that seeks market-based solutions to address environmental problems. Read More
Grameen Foundation USA (GFUSA) Partner Organization: Citigroup: Grameen Microfinance Fund
The Grameen Foundation’s Growth Guarantees Program is a new global, innovative financing tool, developed with Citibank, to accelerate the growth of microfinance, a proven strategy that empowers the world’s poorest to pull themselves out of poverty. The program is anticipated to reach $50 million and is designed to generate up to $300 million in local currency funding to support the microfinance industry’s service to the poor. Read More
Grameen Foundation USA (GFUSA) Partner Organization: Citigroup: Grameen Microfinance Fund
The Grameen Microfinance Fund, a joint initiative of the Grameen Foundation USA (GFUSA) and Citigroup, will be launched as a new global, innovative financing tool to accelerate the growth of microfinance. The fund is anticipated to reach $50 million and is designed to generate up to $300 million in local currency funding to support the microfinance industry’s service to the poor. Read More

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library: Dialogue between Western Christianity and the Indigenous Christianity of the Middle East
The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML), in partnership with the Institute of Ecumenical and Cultural Research, will host annual, weeklong opportunities for small groups and individual scholars of eastern and western Christian leaders to meet for structured, off-record dialogue, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between Christianity and Islam. Read More
The Hunter Foundation Partner Organization: William J. Clinton Foundation: Clinton Hunter Development Initiative
The Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative, a partnership between the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Hunter Foundation will serve as a catalyst for spurring community-level development and encourage the creation of an enabling environment for pro-development policies at regional and national levels. Read More

Dr. Mohamed F. Ibrahim: Investment with a Heart
Investment with a Heart, a $100 million African Private Enterprise Fund, will be focused on sub-Sahara Africa and act as a private equity fund investing in businesses and projects which develop infrastructure and/or bear a social dividend. Its objective is to contribute to successful African development through the flow of investment into the continent by creating wealth, jobs and sustained prosperity. Read More
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: Cities for Climate Protection
Cities for Climate Protection, a partnership between ICLEI, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the City of Seattle, Generation Earth and 200 cities and counties across the US, will work with local governments to achieve an additional 20 million tons of domestic sources of greenhouse gas emissions reductions while building political support for climate protection. Read More
Infotech Investment Group Ltd Partner Organization: The African Leadership Initiative (ALI)
Infotech Investment Group, Ltd, together with The Aspen Institute, Aspen Co. USA and Technoserve Inc. NY will contribute 10% of the total cost of the 2006 class of 20 Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) fellows for East Africa, a rigorous leadership program for developing the next generation of leaders in Africa.Fax255 22 2668130 Read More
Integrated Finance (IF) : Integrated Finance (IF) - Pooled Microfinance Institution Securities
Integrated Finance (IF) will be a for-profit, New York based, boutique investment bank serving the largely under-served global market of quality MFI’s. Its objective is to create liquid primary and secondary markets for security offerings of financially sustainable microfinance institutions (MFI’s) to the mutual benefit of micro-entrepreneurs, MFI operators and MFI securities investors. Read More
Inter-religious Council of Mexico: Religious Leaders for Climate Solutions
The Inter-religious Council of Mexico and its Ecology Committee will gather religious leaders from around the globe to announce their commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of their houses of prayer, in part through community-based forestry and renewable energy projects as well as educational outreach in developing nations and impoverished communities. Read More
The Interfaith Youth Core: The Interfaith Youth Core
The Jenesis Foundation has committed $100,000 to strengthening the Interfaith Youth Core’s capacity to build an international movement of religiously diverse young people, cooperating to serve the common good. This gift will underwrite the development of an evaluation paradigm and plan for the movement, information systems infrastructure and the addition of key staff. Read More
International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF): Crossing Borders
The objective of Crossing Boarders, a program developed by the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), is to strengthen and replicate community partnership projects that focus on education, health and enterprise in developing countries through project visits by top business leaders and follow-up assistance to scale up partnerships. Read More
International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (Washington: Madrasa Reform in Pakistan
In partnership with the Institute for Islamic Policy Studies in Islamabad, Pakistan, the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy is conducting a project to reform the religious schools in Pakistan. An additional $226,000 is sought to complement the $208,000 that has been raised to date from private sources. Read More
International Crisis Group: Crisis Group Project on Religion & Conflict
The Crisis Group Project on Religion & Conflict will focus on identifying key factors fuelling extremism and highlighting opportunities to support moderate voices, specifically in countries where religious extremism is a present or emerging threat to security. Findings and recommendations will be set out in published reports. Additional funding ($903,864 in 2005-2006; $855,730 in 2006-2007) is being sought. Read More
International Youth Foundation (IYF): Balkans Regional Program for Youth Entrepreneurship and Engagement
Over the next three years the Balkans Regional Program intends to impact more than 58,000 young people (12-29), across different ethnic and religious groups in the Balkan region, through greater employment and civic engagement opportunities. The IYF seeks to raise $14.3 million for economic and social engagements. Read More
International Youth Foundation (IYF): YouthActionNet Leadership Institutes
International Youth Foundation has committed to establish YouthActionNet Leadership Institutes worldwide to equip young leaders with the knowledge, skills and resources to carry out their work more effectively, and significantly increase the scale and impact of their efforts, as well as mobilize additional young people to take an active role in their communities. Read More

James Jordan Foundation: Kenyan Women’s Health Initiative
Kenyan Women"s Health Initiative is intended to be a not-for-profit health care organization which will establish a women’s and children hospital in Nairobi Kenya within five years. The proposed facility will house approximately 150 beds and will provide free public access in a number of health areas. Read More

Janet McKinley and George Miller: Investment in Oxfam America and Grameen Foundation, USA
Philanthropists, Janet McKinley and her husband George Miller, are investing $5 million in Oxfam America to support sustainable livelihood work throughout the world and $5 million in Grameen Foundation USA’s microfinance initiatives. They hope their commitment to fund these programs will help more people escape poverty and also will inspire others to join them in making generous gifts to these organizations. Read More
McKinsey & Company: Best Business Practices for Disaster Relief
The Best Business Practices for Disaster Recovery, a collaboration between McKinsey and Co., Oxfam America and Tufts University FIFC will engage the private sector in a study addressing effective participation in international relief and disaster response. Read More
???Monsanto : Quality Seeds Access Partnership for Africa
Quality Seeds Access Partnership for Africa is a new public-private partnership for African agricultural development that aims to reduce hunger and poverty and build capacity for sustainable economic growth. This program is the first phase in a longer term plan to help African agriculture catch up to current standards of productivity and sustainability. Read More

National Wildlife Foundation (NWF): NWF Mobilization Effort
The National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) will launch a Mobilization Effort for its Global Warming Campaign to reduce global warming and protect natural wildlife habitats. The effort will include, among other things, establishing the US as a world leader in reducing global warming pollution; mobilizing sportsmen to demand and take action to address global warming so it is no longer a threat to wildlife. Read More
The Nike Foundation: Transcending Poverty through Investment in Adolescent Girls
The Nike Foundation, the International Center for Research on Women, the UN Foundation and C.K. Prahalad, McCracken Professor at the University of Michigan, commit up to one million dollars to mobilizing collective action by this community and others for investments in adolescent girls and women as a primary engine for transformative self-sustaining economic and social development Read More

Omidyar Network: Convening Stakeholders in Microfinance
In the interest of enabling economic self-empowerment for more and more people, Omidyar Network will bring together a broad spectrum of microfinance stakeholders to identify strategies for accessing long-term, sustainable supplies of capital for Microfinance Institutions. The results of the convening will be shared with the industry and will inform Omidyar Network’s microfinance investment strategy. Read More

Playing for Peace: Playing for Peace, Middle East
Playing for Peace, Middle East will focus on seeking sponsorship to support fellowships for young men and women from the United States, Israel, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to serve as Playing for Peace program directors. A contribution of $25,000 sponsors one Playing for Peace program director for one year. Read More
Prague Institute for Global Urban Development: Treating People and Communities as Assets: The Community Productivity Indicators (CPI) Project
The Community Productivity Indicators (CPI) Project aims to reduce poverty through inclusive economic development. The project will document how productive low-income people are, how hard they work, how much value they create, and the close relationships of their economic activities to the formal economic system in order to design and implement inclusive economic development strategies in low-income communities. Read More
Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) : The Global Common Community Initiative (GCCI)
The Global Common Community Initiative (GCCI) is a program to expand the global leadership role of African-American churches in the United States by helping them build a community of common action to address the spiritual, cultural, educational and economic challenges facing people of color in America and around the world. Read More

RAND Corporation and LRN: LRN-Rand Center for Corporate Ethics, Law and Governance
LRN, the Legal Knowledge Company, and The RAND Corporation, will create a Center for Corporate Ethics, Law and Governance. With the support of private sector partners such as Goldman Sachs, the Center will seek to improve corporate ethics and public policy through objective, empirical research and analysis on issues related to corporate ethics, law and governance. Read More
Redefining Progress (RP): Climate Justice Corps
Redefining Progress and the Environmental Justice & Climate Change Initiative will create the Climate Justice Corps (CJC) of new leaders dedicated to the creation and implementation of just climate policies that are efficient and fair for people, consumers, and businesses. At least 700 CJC members will be trained by the end of 2006 that will be committed to combating climate change in their lives and their communities. Read More
The Regeneration Project: 1,000 Congregations for Climate
The Regeneration Project (TRP) will work with 1,000 congregations in the US, to deepen the connection between people of faith and their responsibility for protection of creation through one or more of the following: 1) put solar panels on their roofs; 2) install new energy efficient appliances; 3) purchase green energy or tags; 4) give a sermon on global warming; 5) host an education forum and provide literature on global warming. Read More
Restoring Eden/Christians for Environmental Stewardship: Regeneration Project and Creation Care Study Program
The aim of the Regeneration Project and Creation Care Study Program is to work within the younger evangelical college campus community (ages 18 to 35) and the emergent church community to increase campus-wide energy audits and then develop campaigns for green power adoption and global warming reductions. Read More

The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation: Global Sullivan Principles
The Sullivan Principles (GSP) align companies of all sizes, in disparate industries and cultures, to work together toward the common goals of human rights, social justice and economic opportunity. Over the next year, The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation commits to reaffirming the involvement of the original endorsers of the GSP, while increasing the number of new endorsers to 100. Read More
Saban Charitable Support Fund: Education for Tolerance
Chery and Haim Saban hope to build peace and understanding in Israel and Palestine by focusing on the countries’ children. They are sponsoring a $1 million grant given to the Peres Center for Peace to fund Israeli-Palestinian education projects. Read More
Search for Common Ground: "The Station" Dramatic Television Series and "The Academy" Reality Television Series
Initiated by Search for Common Ground, Nestle Nigeria has agreed to provide $1,5000,000 in additional funds for two more seasons of the TV drama series, The Station, and its accompanying reality TV series, "The Academy", designed to promote reconciliation and tolerance in Nigeria. Read More
Shell Foundation: Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund
The Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF) has been established by the Shell Foundation to introduce financially and environmentally sustainable ways of profitably providing services to the poor in Asia through the creation of very small scale "barefoot" service providers owned and operated by poor people. Now at the end of its concept phase, the Fund is looking for partners to provide the outstanding funding needed. Read More
Shell Foundation: The African Small Enterprise Fund
The East Africa Small Enterprise Fund will be established to help African countries generate self-sustaining economic growth and a permanent route out of poverty. Shell Foundation, African Banks, and Dutch/UK finance organizations will raise and invest up to $150 million in small enterprises in Africa at the same time as providing critically necessary business development assistance to all if its clients. Read More
Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF): Solar Electrification Project in Isreal
The Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) will take a leading role in raising the $500,000 needed to complete phase II of the solar-electrification of Derijat, a Bedouin village located in the Negev desert of Israel. SELF will assist the Negev Development Authority in implementing all aspects of the project including design, installation, training and sustainability measures. Read More
Solar International Management: Solar Bank Program
The Solar Bank Program, developed by Solar International Management, commits to raise $4 million over the next two years to help overcome poverty by scaling up electrification to all homes in the world, through the application of new solar energy technology. The program will develop the small-medium enterprises that will supply, install and service the solar electric systems and will develop a method for financing the installations. Read More
Starbucks Coffee Company: Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices
Starbucks will dramatically increase its Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices (C.A.F.E.) purchases, to include a majority of all green coffee purchases annually. C.A.F.E. Practices will continue to use independent third party organizations to verify farmers’ practices and continue to work with coffee farmers to ensure high-quality coffee and promote equitable relationships with farmers, workers and communities, as well as to protect the environment. Read More
Swiss Re: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
Swiss Re, one of the world’s largest re-insurers and the leading re-insurer in the United States, will join the Chicago Climate Exchange® (CCX®), to facilitate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by assisting clients with their greenhouse gas transactions on the exchange. Read More
Walter Shorenstein: CEO Dialogues
CEO Dialogues, will be developed by Walter Shorenstein, The Conference Board, Harvard University CSR Initiative, and the International Business Leaders Forum to encourage initiatives by multinational companies to build local economic opportunity in the emerging economies in which they invest, as well as build local human capital through the development of talent and the delivery of health and education. Read More

TechnoServe Inc.: Filling in the Missing Middle: Solving the Access to Finance Constraint for SMEs
To establish an initiative that will combine assisting entrepreneurs to acquire the skills to launch and grow businesses with supporting financial institutions in improving their service offerings to enable SMEs to access finance. Read More
TechnoServe Inc.: Unleashing Entrepreneurs to Enhance Growth in the Developing World
Building on proven experience of helping to boost entrepreneurship and support the launch and growth of SMEs in the developing world, TechnoServe intends to launch a major new Africa-wide initiative. An initial allocation of $9 million is sought to cover design work, the launch and first three years’ budgets, as well as monitoring and evaluation work for the first three country programs. Additional monies and in-kind contributions will be raised from local public and private donors. Read More
TNT and UN World Food Program: Mobile Wellness Centre Project
The Mobile Wellness Centre Project, a joint collaboration of TNT international and the World Food Programm, will target truck drivers across Africa and Asia, providing free advice and counseling on a range of health issues, with a strong focus on HIV/AIDS. Read More

United Nations Environment Programme:
The Seed Capital Access Facility, created by the United Nations Environment Programme, will be dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the enterprise development services and early stage risk capital they need to develop sustainable energy businesses and projects, as well as to increase the scale and scope of clean energy investment opportunities available to commercial financiers. Read More
United Nations Foundation: Better Results for Less Debt
Better Results for Less Debt, a program established by the United Nations Foundation and Brookings Institution will help developing countries achieve better results with issues such as health, education, water and environment and consequently, on poverty reduction and development through improved aid funding techniques that avoid exacerbating countries’ debt burdens. Read More
United Religions Initiative (URI): Expanding Interfaith Cooperation to Ameliorate Violence in India
United Religions Initiative (URI) has committed to strengthen and extend its network of 50 Cooperation Circles established in India, in order to expand Interfaith Cooperation and Ameliorate Violence in the country. For this purpose, URI seeks an additional $152,000 to fund the employment of four part-time program coordinators. Read More
USA for Africa:
USA for Africa will use funds raised from "We Are The World" DVD sales to help ease hunger and fight AIDS in Africa. Additionally, USA for Africa is committing $25,000 to assist and bring attention to the East African Tsunami victims with their efforts to rebuild and reconstruct in the effected areas. Read More
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC): Green Building Initiatives
Green Building Initiatives, sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council, The Turner Corporation and Haverford College, will promote sustainable design and construction in education within the next academic year by hosting a series of conference focused on green building in educational construction and renovations. Read More

Vital Voices: Fueling Reform: The Moroccan Family Law as a Model-in-Actionfor the Middle East
Vital Voices will conduct a joint program with Union de l’Action Feminine (UAF) to educate community leaders, family social workers, illiterate Berber populations, and other villagers in remote areas of Morocco about the new rights and responsibilities, and protections granted by the new Family Law Read More
Vital Voices Global Partnership: Combating Human Trafficking
Vital Voices Global Partnership, in concert with the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime will extend its five-year pilot projects to Combat Human Trafficking by developing a strategic and comprehensive program to which other NGOs, government officials, and international institutions and businesses can turn for research, best practices and experts in the field. Vital Voices seeks $4.5 million to support this program. Read More
Vital Voices Global Partnership: Global Futures: Scaling Up Women"s Leadership for Global Progress
Vital Voices will hold a Women’s Leadership Summit for Latin America in Miami, Florida for 30 women leaders from 10 Latin nations who are shaping progress in their countries. The conference will build capabilities, connections and credibility women need to be a transformative force in the advancement of good governance and vibrant democracies. Read More

Winrock International: Promoting "Smart Buildings" in the developing world
Winrock International has committed to convening an international group of experts to explore means of promoting "smart building" in the developing world in the context of environmental design principles, thus assisting those countries in avoiding energy and resource intensive paths in their accelerating urbanization and industrialization. Read More
Women for Women International: Women’s Opportunity Centers
Women to women international seeks to obtain $14 million in funding to support one year of operations for 80 Women’s Opportunity Centers in 8 conflict and post-conflict countries. ($175,000 per center per year), thus enabling women in these areas to be self-sufficient and actively participate in the reconstruction of and reconciliation processes in their countries. Read More
World Corps: International Franchised ‘Social Businesses’
World Corps will create International Franchised Social Businesses by launching at least 100 businesses within 12 months in India and Mexico, and additional countries for expansion and establishing strategic partnership for provision of loan capital to franchises that use the market to deliver essential goods and services to the world’s rural poor. Read More
World Vision: Impact! HIV/AIDS
Through the impact! HIV/AIDS campaign, World Vision and Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GBC) are working together to engage corporations in the fight against the pandemic in two critical areas: (1) Protecting Women from HIV/AIDS through Micro-enterprise Development and (2) Community-Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Read More
World Vision: West Africa Water Initiative
World Vision announces the expansion of the West Africa Water Initiative, a 14-member public-private partnership, to give corporations an opportunity to engage in increasing access to water, sanitation, and health facilities in Ghana, Mali, and Niger for a total financial investment of $20 million over the next five years. Read More

Young Arab Leaders Forum : Arab Entrepreneurship Initiative
By the end of 2006, the Young Arab Leaders Forum (YAL) will launch the Arab Entrepreneurship Initiative a business plan competition, with a focus in the Arab world. 30 businesses will be selected and their projects will be developed into concrete business ventures. Read More
Some of the Clinton Global projects seem to be clustering into excoting movements such as news of this ALI network for Africa -see also April 2006 newsletter

With the goal of developing the next generation
of leaders in Africa, the African
Leadership Initiative (ALI) — in partnership
with the Aspen Institute, Technoserve
Inc. and Infotech Investment Group Ltd —
is securing funding for a high-impact community
leadership project.
The ALI fellowship brings together business,
government and civil society leaders
from the East African region and enrolls
them in a 24-month leadership program.
A key goal of the program is to develop
a broadly shared vision of the future that
effectively melds the demands of globalization
with local values.
In March 2006, the ALI in Dar es Salaam
hosted a dinner for Mary Robinson, Executive
Director of The Realizing Rights:
Ethical Globalization Initiative, to discuss
a number of leadership and trade-related
issues. The former President of Ireland
challenged developing countries to
strengthen their agenda on aid for trade.
Plans for 2006 call for the launch of two
new classes of 24 ALI Fellows: In May, a
West Africa class, drawing from Ghana and
Nigeria, will be launched with ALI partners
Databank Foundation (Ghana) and
LEAP Africa (Nigeria). In September, a
Pan-African class drawn from six countries
will be launched, with a first convening
organized by ALI partner Letsema Foundation
in South Africa. ★

mission/project from Queen of England for British people to debate with world through 2006

In today's Queen's Speech, it could not have been been requested more clearly- please citizens discuss: is humanity turning against itself? If so why and what constructive interventions can British people support where?

Nowhere is a more local neighbourhood than St James to the Queen's London home. ClubofCity editors hope that its member station ecosaintjames will play a full part in cheerleading this debate all over Britain

more on this at futureoflondon

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Britain & Commonwealth - Queen's Humanity Projects:

It's not just that the Quuen's and America's English is sometimes different. One of the most dangerous America leadership sayings in the world is: if a system ain't broke, don't fix it. We thank US leaders who agree. Us small Britons determine to learn from our empire's disastrous slave trading & other top-down madnesses that the mightier a system, the more you need to fix it well before it implodes, its our constitutions of leadership.

I am sure there are more Americans than English people willing to join in Queen Elizabeth's volley of questions of this decade : Is Humanity being turned against itself? If so by globalisation or what? And how do peoples of goodwill intervene?

But where's 1 2the world service stage 1 2 3 from which a leader of America's interactions with the world can voice the will of the people? For the world's open congregation of transparnecy mapmakers at - and perhaps for you as a collaborative soul - it turns out that God Bless the Queen never had more meaning anywhere in our conflicted world than some loosely planting seeds in a village (not of any insular nation of Canute or other great power, but of nature's globe) Londoners happen to know as St James'

If you live in a Britain or a country that is actively or historically influenced by the Commonwealth , could you answer this project 30000 survey

-at what instututes, networks and webs, future-is-happening national foci or other spaces do you most recommend we search for project30000? - we're not looking for complete answers, one new clue could help more than you might expect

Here's how I might answer in UK:
Have a look at the Royal Society of Arts. This started activating social projects out of cafe conversations among cultural & creative people 251 years ago, who sought to involve the great (ie rich) and the good (ie deep voices in some most humanly worthwhile endeavour) in sponsoring ideas that representatives of communities made passionate pleas for testing out in the open

Keep an eye on commonwealth circles or any collaborations between nations somehow related to open sourcing of the English language or royal patronage of worthy causes (often there are good ideas lurking in these circles waiting to be preneurially released or open spaced)

Gifts to the world that the UK could uniquely lead in my lifelong view as an transparent media researcher 1 2 3 and valuer:

  • how public broadcasting 1 2 enables humanity changing stories to be mapped everywhere they are bubbling
  • keeping track of commonwealth grassroots activists methods
    nomination 1 any related to Gandhi's influences such as "Be the Change" or truth-testing transparency of commmunity;
    & any circles emerging from Quaker modes of developing communal debates and grassroots projects

  • Where people from Commonwealth countries come to London either to internationalise news of what they have launched eg 1 GRN'S Collapsing World or for as long as it takes to web together English language global networks most of which have an active branch in Britain eg 1 Cleansing (algae-architected) energy

  • For social networks to emerge and wave relationship permissions to the world's specifically related places of deepest need, people need:
    email tools to co-mentor, jams to see 100 nations viewpoints of the same crisis at the same time and to be searchable as a living mine of understanding from that day on
    spaces (what Bowling Alone's Putnam calls social capital meets -in USA see also Richard Florida's research) so that real people can rehearse particular ideas until experimental tests are planted, nurttured and once successful openly franchised. As well as
    cafe's, London has fine examples of Northern Hemisphere Hubs 1 (see catcomm for Southern ones) and larger meeting rooms hired out by the Quakers and the organisation a repenting slave driver founded.